Financial Aid Application

Financial Aid Application


Reformed Theological Seminary understands the sacrificial nature of pursuing a call to ministry. The seminary makes a conscious effort to keep tuition low, and each student's tuition cost pays approximately one third of the actual cost of a student's education, with the remainder covered by donations to the seminary.

The seminary considers the student to have the primary responsibility for financing his/her education and expects them to do whatever is possible to meet financial needs. This includes arranging support from church, family, and friends and maintaining employment either off or on campus.

Understanding that these sources do not always provide the necessary funding for the student, the seminary, in conjunction with the Lord's people, has established various types of financial aid programs, including the Church Partnership Program, partnerships with various parachurch ministries, and need-based scholarships.


RTS offers four basic types of financial aid. While you may apply for multiple scholarships, RTS will award the one scholarship that provides the greatest financial assistance. With the exception of the Church Partnership program, Scholarships are awarded for a limited duration of continuous study: MDiv students for 5 years, MA students for 3 years, Certificate students for 2 years.

Special students and Certificate students are only eligible for Church, Ministry, Alumni, and Spouse Partnerships.

Church Partnership Program: "up to one-third"
The Church Partnership Program fosters significant involvement of the student's home church with the student and with the seminary. If the student's home church (or multiple churches) contributes to his or her tuition, RTS will match that contribution dollar-for-dollar up to one third of the student's tuition.

No time limit. Any course of study.

Campus Ministry, Christian College Alumni, or Missionary Partnerships
RTS offers a variety of scholarships to staff of particular missions agencies, to staff or students who have been involved with certain campus ministries, and to graduates of particular Christian colleges. To see the listing of mission agencies, college ministries, and Christian colleges with whom the seminary partners, see our financial aid page.

Time limits apply. Any course of study.

Spouse Partnership
Spouses of full-time students may apply for a 100% tuition award for MDiv, MA, and Certificate programs. The scholarship is awarded to the spouse earning the degree with equal or fewer credit hours. If either spouse is enrolled in the MAC (Orlando) or MAMFTC (Jackson) program, the Spouse Partnership is a 50% tuition award. Recipients may continue to benefit from this award up to 24 months from the graduation of their spouse.

Time limits apply. Any course of study.

Need-Based Scholarships
Students with demonstrated financial need may apply for our need-based scholarships. To demonstrate financial need, the applicant must list income and assets along with documentation. The seminary will compare your resources against our standardized expenses to determine need.

Time limits apply. Only MDiv and MA students are eligible.


Students apply for financial aid once at the beginning of their studies. Their award will be applied to the student’s account until the student completes their studies or the time limit for their degree program expires. Students may reapply during their studies if their financial status changes dramatically.


  • Summer New Students: Priority deadline is March 15. Regular deadline is May 15.
  • Fall New Students: Priority deadline is May 15. Regular deadline is July 15.
  • Winter/Spring New Students: December 1

RTS New York students should not fill out this financial aid application. Learn more about NYC financial aid.

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